What Men Want From Mumbai Escorts?

Mumbai Escort girls can get just as turned on by sex with strangers as their clients can. It is just one of those things that rarely gets talked about or admitted, even between Mumbai escort girls when they are chatting between themselves. This is one of those realization that can take escort girls by surprise and as their thought processes and expectations get in the way, it can often take several experiences of this kind to truly comprehend. At least that is what many of my escort friends tell me. But, once you have realized that everything and everyone is pretty much the same, regardless if you’re with an attractive man of your choice or a client who is not your type, you find that focusing on other aspects than physical appearance is the key to being happy with each and every one of your clients.

And yes, some professional Mumbai Model escorts do escorts have orgasms during sex with clients. Some do not. But to be honest, even with all my experience and the number of friends that I have who are Mumbai escorts I find it pretty much impossible to guess who gets off frequently and who does not. It is exactly the same as with amateur women. Some sometimes they have orgasms during sex with their partners and some sometimes do not. Especially in one night stands where the excitement levels are raised but the familiarity with each others bodies and desires is lower.

And here is the thing for men – a male client with a naked escort girl is a happy client. That is pretty much all that it takes. Everything else is gravy. They might say that they are looking for a six foot tall blonde with long hair and blue eyes because they have a Valkyrie thing going on. But when the five foot tall escort girl with short pixie cut brunette hair and brown eyes turns up at their door wearing nothing but a raincoat a flirty smile and a pair of heels, suddenly she is the best thing possible and the fulfillment of all his dreams. He is in love. Nothing and no one could possibly ever be better. Until the next time, when they say that they want a six foot tall blonde with long hair and blue eyes because they have a Valkyrie thing going on.

Sex As Stress Reducer

There are many ways to relieve your stress. You can try relaxation techniques each day. Try to relax with a stress reduction technique. There are many tried and tested ways to reduce your stress so try a few and see what works best for you. For me it is meditation. No fancy yoga positions or complicated mantras. No difficult to learn mantras or expensive training courses. Just sit in a relaxed position, close your eyes and start to count your breathing in and out. Work your way up to a count of ten in and ten out. Count in your head and that voice in your head will stop you thinking about anything else. You can either count, or talk to yourself. Not both. Start with five minutes and then work up to twenty. Do that every day.

A damn good shagging is the best cure for pretty much anything that ails you. Except a sexually transmitted infection, of course. Sex releases endorphins – feel good hormones – whether you orgasm or not. But obviously cumming makes it even better. Hell, cumming makes pretty much everything better. I am sure you will agree. If you do not have a good sex partner to relieve your stress with, then engaging the sexiest escort in Mumbai can provide is a really good way to go. You can spend a wonderful hour, evening or day talking, sharing and, of course, having as much sex as you want in any way that you want. Even exploring stress relieving fantasies that you can not indulge at home.

You can always talk to someone. Just talking to someone about how you feel. It can be extremely helpful, even if it not going the whole hog of the talking cure with a psychiatrist or psychologist. Talking can work by either distracting you from your stressful thoughts or releasing some of the built up tension by discussing it.

Keeping a stress diary can be very helpful. Keep a stress diary for a few weeks. It is an effective stress management tool as it will help you become more aware of the situations and triggers which cause you to become stressed. Knowing what causes you to be stressed can help you to manage it or to avoid those triggers completely.

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