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How to Become a Delhi Escorts?

Get jobs In our delhi escorts. some girls are thinking that its very hard to become a delhi escort girl but here we offered very easy process to make you delhi escorts. here we will ask you some Q?. there you will need to follow some instruction. just call us anytime 24/7.

Some questions to become a delhi Escort girl.

  • 1. Why do you become an escorts
  • 2. it's only for fun or making money?
  • 3. Is there any pressure on you?
  • 4. Do you want live your life luxury?
  • 5. will you work with us for part time or 24 hours?
  • finally just tell, Before join us do you worked with any other escorts? If you worked with any other escorts or doing continued than tell us about your experience.

After This Process Follow this Instructions.

After question answer, we will need some information about you. So that you can join our Delhi escorts easily. please follow some instruction. Share with us as we asked here.

  • 1.Your Name
  • 2. Any identity
  • 3. Qualification
  • 4. your Photos
  • 5. your Figure Volume
  • 6. where are you from? city, country
  • 7. Where would you like to provide your service? local, National or international.