Role Playing – a special kind of encounter

role playing Escort

Like everything else, it is very easy to get bored with one’s sex life as well and so it is important to keep it as exciting as possible with the use of imagination. If you are coming to Kolkata Escorts to fulfill your deepest desires, then once you are done with all the traditional ways of lovemaking and you are thinking of what else to try out next, then do consider role play. As the very name suggests, here the escort and her clients dress up in various personas and through fun and entertainment, they gain true sexual liberation. Over times, it has been seen that the following are the most in demand fantasy roles that one plays out during role play.

Fairytale: It is everyman’s dream to be the knight in shining armor and then save the damsel in distress who is then going to throw herself in his arms and then give him the best sex of his life. Well, if not in real life, then within the privacy of the room with your escort you are surely going to enjoy this. The role playing is complete with sexy costumes worn by the escorts and the men have as much pleasure as taking them off.

Victorian: The next popular fantasy is to play out a Victorian setting. Everyone knows that in the Victorian period, the girls were especially shy and they had to be coaxed to try out into sex. If you like coy girls who will gradually open up to your advances, then this is the perfect role play for you. Dress up as a Victorian rogue trying to seduce a respectable Victorian woman and you will have more fun then you could have ever imagined.

Nurse: The nurse and patient role play is perhaps the most popular. The escorts dress up in tiny and sexy nurse outfits and the sex starts with them trying to examine the patient. What follows is a sexual exploration which most cannot imagine. Escorts are particularly great at trying out the examination methods and they leave the client reeling with pleasure. And once they know about it, no other form of sex satisfies them.

Priest: As blasphemous as it might sound, role playing as a priest out to punish the sinner is another very popular role play idea. The men dress up in black and they punish the girl confessing her sins for her transgression. This can get very erotic as most men simply lose themselves in the moment. It is definitely a top priority among clients who like role play to try this out at least once.

Fetish: Fetish and BDSM are fast catching on as sex role play ideas and the use of tools like whips, handcuffs, nipple clamps and others is gradually on the rise. Men are simply dying to play Christian Grey and it gives them the opportunity to try out a new side of their persona which is not otherwise possible with anyone else.

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